Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Ski!

Looking for excuses to escape to the mountains this winter? Here are our top 10 reasons to ski! From calorie burning to camaraderie- we will provide you the perfect reasons to get out and get active in the snow with your family this winter season!

Family Ski Trips Top 10 Reasons to Ski!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

we always oogle and google before ski season!

The anticipation for alpine skiing is on, as always. A fluke pre-Halloween snow storm was affectionately called "snOwtober" by skiers and Armageddon by those who lost power for days. But the heavy Halloween snow measured as much as a foot in the mountains, allowing both Killington and Sunday River to open for skiing on upper mountain trail on Saturday Oct 29. 2011.

Now, Sunday River has been getting the first to open goods for several years now, their 5th pre-Halloween start in as many years. But Killington made the announcement ahead of the Maine resort, and Sunday River graciously opened one minute later (10:01) to let the Big-K have their day - or their minute in this case. Weekend only operation has ensued in this extremely early season skiing.

While we haven’t made our first turns yet, we anxiously anticipate La Nina snow year. Meanwhile, we are tweeting, writing, and prepping for another great season.

You can, and should, follow us on Google+, this is Google’s answer to facebook…and our idea of more social media overload. But we are on board just the same. We’re happy to give Mark Zuckerberg a little healthy competition after all. Worked for Sunday River and Killington this fall- so why not Facebook & Google?!

Stay tuned, tune your skis, and see you on the slopes!

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