Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dumont Cup this weekend!

Our family's obsession with Simon Dumont began with my daughter's crush five years ago...she thought Simon was all that and a bag of skittles. Then I saw him launch 36' off a monster manmade quater pipe at Sunday River in April of 2008 (establishing a Guinness World Record) and I joined the fan base for this freeskiing boy from Bethel. Simon has since won 9 X-Games medals, starred in numerous ski films, and acquired sponsors like the Shaq of skiing.

So that's where we'll be this weekend, watching Simon and his freeskier friends - Alex Schlopy, Jossi Wells, Tom Wallisch, Bobby Brown, all of whom my daughter is more excited about now - girl crushes change.

This is your chance to see the best in big air hit new heights at the 3rd annual Dumont Cup!

Read all about The 3rd annual Dumont Cup at Sunday River

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March madness - The Ski Guru Blog

My March madness basketball bracket was so bad, I am in last place out of 44, and Barack Obama is first (don't get me started on our President's picks and priorities).

So there goes my $5 into the pool and with it my interest in the NCAA tournament. I turn my thoughts and my skis to spring snow and the better show going on at ski slopes from Maine's Sugarloaf, Sunday River and Saddleback to New Hampshire's Wildcat to Killington, Jay Peak, Stowe, and Sugabush, Vermont.

There is plenty of snow in the moutnains, parties and pond skimming, plus dazzling events like The Dumont Cup this weekend at the River, and Reggaefest at The Loaf April 14-17.

Read my Boston.com blog and my best bets for March madness on the slopes!

The late shows - The Ski Guru Blog

Monday, March 21, 2011

Quality or quantity? - The Ski Guru Blog

Do you count your skis days? Are you aiming for 1 million vertical feet skied this season? Are you all about quantity or quality ski days?

Read Heather's blog on Boston.com about her obsession with ski days and vertical and her new lease on loving carefully selected ski days...like last week at Sunday River in the sunshine and soft snow.

Quality or quantity? - The Ski Guru Blog

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bridger Bowl Montana

As ski journalists, we love discovering new ski places...consider it our job and duty to you! A recent trip to Montana included a bonus day at Bridger Bowl. This Montana ski area just 20 minutes from Bozeman is a real gem with 2,000 acres and over 2,600 vertical, plus beautiful views of the Yellowstone River and the Crazy Mountains...

Here is our review of Bridger Bowl!
Basking in Bridger’s unfamiliarity - The Ski Guru Blog

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Skiing & St. Patrick's Day?

What do St Patrick's day and skiing have in common? Not much...but I love both...read my blog!

Deals a-plenty on St. Patrick's Day - The Ski Guru Blog

and wear green to select ski slopes on March 17 St Patty's and you could score a $17 lift ticket!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Skiing Risks and Rewards

I have heard so much about "consequences" this ski season...the word has been popping up like moguls on a spring ski day!

The Consequences of skiing beyond your limit, or beyond boundaries, for example...can be considerable.

Read Heather's Blog on Boston.com

Still, I contest that skiing is full of rewards, and the risks (aka: consequences) can be reduced with caution and consideration...so ski with care...but ski!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sugarbush – sweeter than ever!

Revisiting this Vermont favorite this week, we discovered Sugarbush is sweeter than ever. Read on about this 4,000 acre ski resort in the beautiful Mad River Valley of Vermont, the new Lincoln Peak Village and the vast Slidebrook Backcountry now open for skiing.

Sugarbush – sweeter than ever - The Ski Guru Blog

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Big reasons to ski the Big Sky State

We admit it, our family has a love affair with the Big Sky state...the scenery, the skiing, the snow, the friendly Montanans...

Need more reasons to visit the Big Sky State?
read Heather's blog on Boston.com !http://www.boston.com/travel/explorene/specials/ski/gallery/montana/

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New lift for Loafers

Sugarloaf skiers and riders are finally getting a new lift...but wait ...it comes with a bonus. Let 's hope the new conveyor belt loading system doesn't bum out loyal (but reluctant to change) Loafers...

Read Heather's Boston.com blog about the new Spillway Quad:
New loading system for Loafers - The Ski Guru Blog

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Snow Belt

March roared in with rain along the coast and southern New England...but as most meteoroligsts claim "an inch of rain = a foot of snow"!

Read Heather's blog on where to go to find the snow this week....

Up state Maine - Saddleback & Sugarloaf, The Balsams in New Hampshire, and Vermont's Jay Peak, Stowe and Smugglers Notch got the Lion's share with over a foot fo fresh snow!

Since March came in like the wild cat...will it go out like a lamb? Stay tuned! and ski often!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Simon Dumont & the 3rd annual Dumont Cup at Sunday River

My daughter's obsession with Simon Dumont began when she was 14. This amazing athlete from Sunday River was smashing freeskiing records, launching big air and giving my daughter butterflies in the process. I actually let her skip school on a sunny spring day in April 2008 to witness Simon's Guinness World Record 35' jump at Sunday River...I frankly knew it would be one of those rare sunny blue ski days with soft corn snow- the Simon show was a bonus to me.

That dreamy day led to our annual pursuit of the now pro Dumont. We attended his first Dumont Cup and met his entourage of freeskier friends - Tom Wallisch, Josse Wells, Mike Riddle, Peter Olenik...which led to the 2nd annual Dumont Cup and more famous fun athletes and another big air showdown throwdown.

And that led to my assignment to write about the mighty young man from Bethel and his 3rd annual Dumont Cup for Maine Magazine...

Like all teen crushes, Simon has grown up and my daughter Aspen has moved on to the new fresh young faces of freeskiing, specifically Olympic freeskier medalists Gus Kenworthy, Nick Goepper and Alex Schlopy who swept the podium at Sochi Russia's Winter Games 2014. These guys are going bigger and better than their predecessors who petitioned the IOC to include slopestyle skiing and super pipe skiing as an official Winter Olympic venue.

Perhaps taking my Aspen to Winter XGames in Aspen is next... and we will continue to go every March to the annual Dumont Cup at Sunday River...now turning 7 in 2015. After all, you never forget your first ski crush. Dumont is now nicknamed the Godfather of freeskiing, which makes my daughter feel old. #lol

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Skiing with Sarah Palin?

Right now I could be in Alaska...sking with my peeps at the annual NASJA meeting and chillin with Sarah Palin at the Iditarod...Todd is participating, don't ya know.

I could be skiing Alyeska, and accepting in person my 4th Honorable Mention for the best ski column writing - the Harold Hirsch Award...but I'm not...so I am pouting! Not because I didn't win...its an honor just to be nominated and "mentioned" right?!

Join me in my pout or just enjoy my blog on Boston.com:

Skiing with Sarah Palin? - The Ski Guru Blog

Next year's NASJA meeting is in Heavenly..so there 's hope I can attend that one...and maybe be a winner!