Monday, February 28, 2011

traveling with ski gear!

I am a ninja traveler. I know how to pack for skiing. Boots in the carry on along with ski pants, goggles, and mittens. I wear my ski jacket, so I am ready. If my skis don't make it - I can rent a pair, but I love my Rossignol boots...they are irreplaceable!

I know to pack clothing that matches and coordinates, much black - which is flattering and doesn't show salsa and hot cocoa stains. I always remember a swimsuit; you can poach a heated pool or hot tub more easily than you can find a flattering bikini, ya know!?

I have travel size beauty products that fit in the requisite zip lock baggy to keep the TSA people (that's a stretch - they aren't typically cheery, but I don’t want to bait them with big shampoo bottles). Besides, the day of the bulky train case full of makeup is so yesteryear.

Another one of my secrets is to keep my ski bag always packed and at the ready. You will never hear me utter that I’m not ready to ski. The moment I get home I wash my longies, ski sox, etc, so I am ready to go again!

I am not infallible however (hush your shock and surprise). On a recent three connection flight to Montana, I left my sparkly new Beyonce Live Concert DVD in the seat back pocket. Those who know me, know this is a traveling travesty. I love my B, especially since it was a coveted Christmas gift from my daughter. Well thankfully, it is replaceable despite Beyonce’s song “irreplaceable.” I imagine some United flight attendant or cleaning crew is immeasurably grateful for my unplanned gift!

And my ski boots were in hand for a very happy ski week at Big Sky Montana with family. Beyonce doesn’t actually ski anyways. More on skiing Montana in my upcoming blog.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tale of two Strattons - The Ski Guru Blog

The classic Vermont resort, Stratton, has a split personality - half posh and perfectly groomed for Bogner wearing clientele...with a huge halfpipe and snowboarders galore on the flip side.

Turning 50 this year, read about the iconic and interesting Vermont ski resort...

Tale of two Strattons - The Ski Guru Blog

love Montana - Big Sky, Moonlight Basin, Bridger Bowl!

This week our travels take us to beautiful Montana...the land that inspired John Steinbeck and staged movies like "A River Runs through it"...but we're not here to fish, or write, we're here to ski - three major mountain resorts: Big Sky, Moonlight Basin, Bridger Bowl!

Stay tuned for our powder reports from Big Sky, where we ski the ominous Lone Peak, to secret glade stashes and a visit with Late Night's David Letterman at Moonlight Basin. Also we catch a crazy Freeskiing event at Bridger Bowl, where Doug Coombes launched his free skiing career, as extreme skiers launch off the Ridge terrain for the title of best skier du jour.

And we check in with ski instructor Ian Burke at Big Sky, ok our son, who has acheived PSIA Level 1 certification at Big Sky Resort - one of the finest ski schools in the country with the largest percentage of Level 3 instructors.

Here is just a taste of Big Sky skiing for you..

Sunday, February 20, 2011

February vacation ski tips - The Ski Guru Blog

Its Presidents weekend and school vacation week for many school kids. For a change, ski conditions across the country are quite good, even New England.

So grab you gang and go...but first read these tips to streamline your ski trip and get ahead of the crowds!

February vacation ski tips - The Ski Guru Blog

Thursday, February 17, 2011

best new skis and ski boots reviewed!

We love when your job takes us to Stratton to test next year's ski gear. Fresh snow, midweek ski crowds, and truckloads of spanky new ski equipment to demo!

We tried dozens of new skis and several new ski boots for the 2011-12 fleet. Here are our favorite skis and boots for next ski season:

Best new skis for 2011-12 reviewed on Boston.com

Best new ski boots for 2011-12 reviewed on Boston.com

Now if we only had an unlimited budget ; - ) ! Happy Trails...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Romancing the slopes - tips from the Ski Guru

Do you think skiing is romantic? It should be...but many of my gal pals find skiing "scary, cold, complicated, competitive, rushed," to name a few of their fears!

Here are some tips from Heather on how to make skiing a bit more romantic, and hopefully your girlfriend will join you on the slopes more often!

Romancing the slopes - The Ski Guru Blog

and for our most romantic ski resort recommendations:

Most Romantic Ski Resorts in New England

Happy Trails <3

Friday, February 11, 2011

Gunstock is loaded for family fun!

Admittedly, I have loved Gunstock since I learned to ski here @ age 3! But a recent visit confirmed my affection, Gunstock is super scenic with views of Lake Winni and Mount Washington, well groomed with a swift base to summit lift to access a dozen ego pleasing trails, and a seriously amped up Blundersmoke terrain park.

See my blog on Boston.com or just load up the gang and go to Gunstock!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New England's signature ski trails

Do you have a favorite New England ski trail..top to bottom, scenic or steep - something that defines your downhill expereince on that day?
Sunday River's Risky Business

here are our picks...but we'd love to hear about yours!

New England's signature ski trails - The Ski Guru Blog

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The rush of heli skiing - Boston.com

See our amazing photos from an unbelievable week of heli skiing in Bella Coola British Columbia!

Exciting, extreme, epic even...
The rush of heli skiing - Boston.com

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Punxatawney Phil is a putz...that groundhog has snow idea!

As old farts in Punxatawney PA gathered to see the furry groundhog cast a shadow, or not, I decided beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the most ridiculous tradition. Despite their dashing tuxedos and jaunty top hats, the groundhog day predicition for spring is a load of crap. Even Matt Lauer called Pux's pontification  a bunch of "bull" on the Today Show. Matt and I may no longer find Pennsylvania to be "the friendliest state" given our dismissal of the said groundhog..oh well!

Look outside people, this is the winter skiers have been waiting for. Its snowing from Maine to Texas...the Dallas Cowboys had to retract their fancy new roof over the football stadium in preparation for Super Bowl Sunday due to snow. That's doesn't spell early spring to me. No rodent living in a hole near Pittsburg is going to predict the rest of my ski season.

I am following my fellow meteorolgists Matt Noyes at NECN, and Russ Murley in Maine, with their forecasts for "snowmaggedon" and the storm of the century, even "snowpocalypse"!

However, in honor of Groundhog Day, I am skipping work this Friday to go skiing. I looked at the aforementioned weathemen's reports and the sun is predicted to shine on Friday, so I will cast my own happy shadow on the freshly fallen snow at Gunstock. Take that Pux!

Happy snowy February my friends!