Monday, February 28, 2011

traveling with ski gear!

I am a ninja traveler. I know how to pack for skiing. Boots in the carry on along with ski pants, goggles, and mittens. I wear my ski jacket, so I am ready. If my skis don't make it - I can rent a pair, but I love my Rossignol boots...they are irreplaceable!

I know to pack clothing that matches and coordinates, much black - which is flattering and doesn't show salsa and hot cocoa stains. I always remember a swimsuit; you can poach a heated pool or hot tub more easily than you can find a flattering bikini, ya know!?

I have travel size beauty products that fit in the requisite zip lock baggy to keep the TSA people (that's a stretch - they aren't typically cheery, but I don’t want to bait them with big shampoo bottles). Besides, the day of the bulky train case full of makeup is so yesteryear.

Another one of my secrets is to keep my ski bag always packed and at the ready. You will never hear me utter that I’m not ready to ski. The moment I get home I wash my longies, ski sox, etc, so I am ready to go again!

I am not infallible however (hush your shock and surprise). On a recent three connection flight to Montana, I left my sparkly new Beyonce Live Concert DVD in the seat back pocket. Those who know me, know this is a traveling travesty. I love my B, especially since it was a coveted Christmas gift from my daughter. Well thankfully, it is replaceable despite Beyonce’s song “irreplaceable.” I imagine some United flight attendant or cleaning crew is immeasurably grateful for my unplanned gift!

And my ski boots were in hand for a very happy ski week at Big Sky Montana with family. Beyonce doesn’t actually ski anyways. More on skiing Montana in my upcoming blog.

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