Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Skiing with Sarah Palin?

Right now I could be in Alaska...sking with my peeps at the annual NASJA meeting and chillin with Sarah Palin at the Iditarod...Todd is participating, don't ya know.

I could be skiing Alyeska, and accepting in person my 4th Honorable Mention for the best ski column writing - the Harold Hirsch Award...but I'm not...so I am pouting! Not because I didn't win...its an honor just to be nominated and "mentioned" right?!

Join me in my pout or just enjoy my blog on Boston.com:

Skiing with Sarah Palin? - The Ski Guru Blog

Next year's NASJA meeting is in Heavenly..so there 's hope I can attend that one...and maybe be a winner!

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