Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Punxatawney Phil is a putz...that groundhog has snow idea!

As old farts in Punxatawney PA gathered to see the furry groundhog cast a shadow, or not, I decided beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the most ridiculous tradition. Despite their dashing tuxedos and jaunty top hats, the groundhog day predicition for spring is a load of crap. Even Matt Lauer called Pux's pontification  a bunch of "bull" on the Today Show. Matt and I may no longer find Pennsylvania to be "the friendliest state" given our dismissal of the said groundhog..oh well!

Look outside people, this is the winter skiers have been waiting for. Its snowing from Maine to Texas...the Dallas Cowboys had to retract their fancy new roof over the football stadium in preparation for Super Bowl Sunday due to snow. That's doesn't spell early spring to me. No rodent living in a hole near Pittsburg is going to predict the rest of my ski season.

I am following my fellow meteorolgists Matt Noyes at NECN, and Russ Murley in Maine, with their forecasts for "snowmaggedon" and the storm of the century, even "snowpocalypse"!

However, in honor of Groundhog Day, I am skipping work this Friday to go skiing. I looked at the aforementioned weathemen's reports and the sun is predicted to shine on Friday, so I will cast my own happy shadow on the freshly fallen snow at Gunstock. Take that Pux!

Happy snowy February my friends!

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