Sunday, November 21, 2010

Carving Turns or Turkey?

Love this time of year. No, not Thanksgiving – I think there is far too much focus on one stuffing meal. My family has learned that mommy would rather carve turns than turkey, so we ski on Thanksgiving, no lines, no waiting, no congealed gravy, just freshly groomed snow. Typically we start our season at Sunday River, perennial Eastern opener. But this season there is a twist as our eldest son started college out west. So we’ll meet in the mountains of Utah for our first tracks. Usually those first tentative turns have me all excited, but seeing my son has me equally atwitter. 
Reuniting our 4 skiers on the snowy slopes of Alta will be awesome. It’s dumping out west, so stay tuned for details of our first descent. Oh… and enjoy cooking, carving and cleaning the kitchen. See you on the slopes!

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