Friday, May 4, 2012

Oh the places you'll go

Ski Journalism...a passion, not necessarily a big paycheck!

I love skiing and writing about skiing. It's something I have enjoyed since age 3, a pasttime I share with my beloved Greg, and one of the most important hobbies we have shared with our two kids. Skiing and snow are our "glue" so to speak. We actually call ourselves the 4-skiers, and much of what we do is "4 skiing."

Skiing as a career for me has grown from ski instructing in college (which ironically our son Ian does now at Big Sky) to working in the ski biz, to now writing about skiing for numerous outlets from glossy magazines in the late 90's, to the newspaper weekly column beat for over a decade, to feature 4-color articles, to the world wide web - blogging on Boston.com, social media and creating and maintaining to succesful ski travel websites, www.familyskitrips.com and www.luxuryskitrips.com .

My websites, started in 1998, have grown to over 300 pages and over a half million visitors with top search results!

So when a college journalism major from North Eastern University wants to discuss writing and ski journalism with me for her college writing project...it's my pleasure. Jessica Melanson writes her own ski blog, and interviewed Greg and I about our ski writing and photographing experience over the past two decades...

Here is her journalism project featuring us:

As we told Jessica, ski journalism is aboutt he passion, not the paycheck. But the opportunities and open snowfields are a big reward. As Dr Seuss says, "Oh the places you'll go..."

Our recent review of Austria's Alps, read all about it....

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