Sunday, December 30, 2012

Serious snow!

Thanks Santa...I ask for snow every Christmas - and I am often disappointed that there isn't a big dump and a White Christmas. Well not this year! December has been super snowy - ski resorts and this ski reporter are very pleased with the abundant, frequent snowfall! New England, the Rockies and the Pacific Northwest have been getting serious now, and its been seasonably cold to preserve the frosty flakes.

The above snow total map from our friends at Alpine Zone shows signifcant snow depths exceeding last year's yeild across the country.
Already skiers have had more powder days this season than all of last in New England. Sugarloaf Maine in particular has been able to open their glade terrain in Brackett Basin and the Eastern Territory on all natural snow- with base depths of up to 40"...impressive.

My son is a ski instructor at Big Sky Montana and he calls on his way home from work with big stories about how Lone Peak and the Dictactor Chutes opened earlier this season than he can remember, he's been there for three seasons now so that is his "seasoned" perspective.

So thank you Santa, Winter Warlock or whomever is in charge of the frozen precipitation...and my subsequent elation.

Only downside is my friends know I asked for all this snow, and now they want me to come get "my snow" out of their driveways.
This is a great winter to plan that big ski trip. If you are traveling as a ski family, be sure to check out our Family Ski Trip site. If its just you and your sweety, a guys getaway or your gal pals looking for the perfect ski/spa vacation, go to our Luxury Ski Trip site! Happy trails!

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