Tuesday, January 8, 2013

criticize my ski technique? the nerve...

How dare a facebook friend and follower critique my ski technique?! And he wants me to review his ski app on my iphone..the nerve...

Well, his tip definitely led me to thinking, analyzing photos, acessing my angles. He had a point! So I took his words of wisdom to the slopes in my head, quieting my heart that always yearns for praise and kudos, not constructive cristicism. "Turns" out - pun intended - he had a good point.

Here's my self-depricating blog, which was hard for me to write, about my misplaced downhill ski, my upper body rotation and a thousand other flaws I need to correct in the fall line, technique I need to tweek...jk..I am very sensitive about my skiing - its very near and dear to me.

Read my ski technique blog!

Hey even Tom Brady needs a coach, right?! Everyone can improve always. If you aren't moving forward you are standing still - etc, etc - blah blah blah. Just remember that Lindsey Vonn divorced her husband// coach so be careful who you critique...


happy skiing, Heather Burke, editor of Family Ski Trips

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