Thursday, September 12, 2013

Skiing, Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn and the National Enquirer?

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Ski girl confession: I just read the National Enquirer. I need to shower after touching the trashy tabloid now but first I need to blog and vent. After three decades of being a respectable ski journalist and writer, I caved. It was the 9/11 issue to be truly tasteless. Ski Mag tweeted out the cover story and I was intrigued, "Tiger's girl caught cheating." Later that day, there it was at the supermarket check out, the aforementioned rag with my ski idol Lindsey Vonn on the cover (next to OJ &  Brangelina).

First, that never happens, popular media has zero interest in ski racing as a cover story, except maybe when Bode Miller admitted to skiing Drunk at the Olympics.

Second, the Enquirer scoop "confirmed" that Lindsey had been seen cheating on Tiger..say what?! Sounded too good to be true. “They wouldn’t print it if it weren’t true” mantra flashed through my mind as I tore open the déclassé magazine.

Let me clarify I am not a big fan of the Lindsey Tiger relationship (I facebooked about it in February when he sent his private plane to pick her up in Austria after her ski injury). I guess I do judge and subscribe to the "once a cheater always a cheater" sentiment. This is not racial, it's reputation.

Along with my embarrassment for peaking inside the piece of crap mag, I was admittedly excited about the news. I love Lindsey and don't feel good about her dating Mr. Woods...Didn't he have a beautiful Swedish supermodel that he couldn't remain faithful to?! Lindsey needs to have her eye on the prize, rehabbing to return to the Olympics and winning Gold at Sochi Winter Olympics in February 2014. She's returned to the ski slopes, practicing in the gates. Goofing around with the philandering golfer didn't seem like a fit to me. So if she's seeing someone else on the side? I guess that is rich irony for the Tiger.

Well, so that you don't have to buy the Enquirer yourself, don't worry I didn't (I swear - I'm a speed reader - had it read before my Chardonnay and cheddar cheese were bagged), Miss Vonn was seen backstage at a Jason Timberlake JayZee concert in Miami last month in a "long session of deep kissing with a tall good looking man," very sensation details right down the "gripping her rear." Photographs showed Vonn's fabulous gams from a million miles away - and I would never exaggerate nor would the Enquirer, right?! Though I did smile at the subtitle, "Is Woods finally getting a taste of his own medicine?!" and the Sexpot Lindsey label. #Lol
Enquiring minds don't really need to know.

Go Lindsey, stay focused and fast, stay on the snow and stay out of the woods - #lol. I'm going to rinse the naughty newsprint off now.

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