Monday, December 6, 2010

Always another chairlift coming...

After 11 years of writing the weekly ski column for Maine’s largest paper, I decided to move on to other media outlets and online opportunities. Having contributed over 220 ski articles over a decade, I am filled with the memories of the many skiers I interviewed in Maine (from superstars Bode Miller, Seth Wescott and Simon Dumont, to handicapped Tim Giggey and Matt Bell), and the ski resorts I discovered and was able to share (to a surprising number of arm chair skiers). I am grateful for all the positive feedback I received from devoted readers over the years.

That’s why I was so eager to see who the new columnist would be. What a delight to find a dear friend has taken my written space and place, someone I admire and respect, and have interviewed numerous times in my columns – John Christie, author of The Story of Sugarloaf, former owner of Saddleback and GM at The Loaf. Along with John’s experience and enthusiasm, he brings his son who will share the column space, since it takes two to fill my ski shoes…kidding.

I will be writing more for www.Boston.com, magazines, and my two increasingly popular ski sites www.familyskitrips.com and www.luxuryskitrips.com
The adage is true, when one door closes another opens. Thhere is always another chairlift, another T-Bar or Tram coming along to take you on a different but equally exciting adventure.

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