Thursday, February 16, 2012

Family & Luxury Ski Trips among "the best"

How flattered are we to be included among the Best Ski Blogs and websites?! In a word, very...check out Find The Best, and our ski sites featured  in a comparison with Kim Kircher and Brave Ski Mom for example...

FindTheBest's ski resort comparison allows browsers to compare ski resorts based on location, price, acreage, average snow fall, and even whether or not they have a children’s snow school for example. They also offers alpine ski reviews, heli ski and cat ski comparisons, a great resource for the vertically inclined. Our sites were invited to take part in this clever comparative format and we were indeed flattered.

Take a look at our Family Ski Trip ranking and our Luxury Ski Trip status on Find the Best.

Find The Best gets more than 6 million unique visitors per month, with the sole purpose of providing consumers with completely objective, relevant information to allow them to make more informed decisions. That's very much like what we do at family and luxury ski trips, provide honest, personal reviews of ski resorts we have visited and our recommendations on where to stay, dine, what's the best place to ski, all the stuff you need to nknow for your on snow vacation.

Thanks for being fans of www.familyskitrips.com and www.luxuryskitrips.com ...

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