Monday, February 18, 2013

Southwest Ski Safari

Not everyone can keep up with our LuxurySkiTrips.com and FamilySkiTrips.com pace...ok, its more like a race. Its pretty hectic when Heather & Greg, the chief editor and photographer, take a ski media trip. Picture hauling all your ski gear (planes, trains and automobiles) plus laptops, cameras, notepads. You hit the ground running, skiing on your arrival and departure days - which often requires changing into your ski boots and clothes in the rental car. Imagine staying in 6 different hotel properties in 11 nights! That's right. Just when you get the lay of the land on one ski resort trail map, its on to the next  of 7 mountains. No complaints - just no dust on us!

Oh, then there are the meetings with each marketing director or PR person at each resort, for coffee, drinks, dinner - whatever their pleasure. We make every meet and greet on time and ready for anything  - although we secretly (its out now) prefer the first tracks chairlift chat followed by a high elevation lunch with our new ski peeps. Heather can takes notes on the fly - her handy notepad is always in her ski jacket pocket, and Greg's camera is always good to go. Even better is when ski resort personnel show up in bright colors for phoot shoots - since otherwise its Heather starring in all our ski photos...so she packs severaljackets (roygbiv of ski attire).

Our latest ski safari in Southwest Colorado, we skied at Arapahoe Basin, Purgatory Durango, Telluride, Crested Butte, Monarch Mountain, Silverton Powdercats, and Wolf Creek in 11 days, bringing new snow whereever we go. We loved them all and could have stayed for a week at each, but that's not how we roll. We drove 1,000 miles through 14 mountain passes of spectacular mountain mesas, Colorado canyons, red rocks, with splendid 14,000' peak scenery - spending an entire 11 days above 7,000' in elevation - a lofty itinerary to say the least (never mind with a fractured tibia on day 4/11 - but that's another story)!

See our Southwest Ski Safari in Colorado and see if you are game for our ski beat!  But please don't send you resume.

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