Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Skip, ski & save

My Mom allowed my brothers and me to skip school and ski - but not to stay home for the common cold. Playing hooky meant playing in the literally sense. I love her for that and treasure our family ski days. She is a cool mom - to this day. My husband & I had our moments when we took the kids out of school for an educational ski vacation... midweek slopes, new mountains, snowy science and geography lessons - right?! You certainly broaden your kids' horizons and they learn a lot while traveling - our that's how we justified it! Add the reality that you save money and have the slopes to yourself when you travel non-holiday and ski midweek and its almost irresistable!

Our friends at Liftopia are celebrating the 2nd Annual #PlayHookyandSkiWeek March 4-8...with great lift ticket deals...giving you further encouragement to skip work, or school, and go skiing!

See Heather's ski blog on Liftopia's discounted lift ticket prices.... and plan your "powder flu" day soon!

And check out our Top 10 New England Ski Resorts  for your next ski getaway in New England, and our Top 10 Western Ski Resorts for Families. Be a cool parent and book a memorable family ski trip to the snowy mountains, as long as your kids' grades are above average!

See you on the slopes...not at work or in school! 

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